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My 3 children were born in London.  The city is amazing, but full of toxins: in the air, on public transportation, and in the midst of buildings with little nature in sight.  Looking for some natural ways to help my family, I took an aromatherapy course, and I was blown away.  I thought that if essential oils could do even half of what the course said they could, then I needed them in my life.  I promptly purchased a bunch of cheap oils online and in the local health food store.  They were underwhelming to say the least.  Then my son, who was six at the time, got out of the bath (with a few drops of essential oil in it) covered in an itchy rash and shortly after I was burned on my skin after applying an oil.  I then decided oils were NOT for us.  It wasn't until a friend explained to me about the different grades and encouraged me to try Young Living therapeutic grade oils, that I became convinced of their power.  We completely embraced them, and we haven't looked back.  We use these oils in many ways every single day: drops of citrus oil in water, peppermint in hot chocolate, infused bath salts, relaxing diffuser combos, face cream, shampoo, hand soap and laundry soap.  They have truly revolutionised our lives by supporting our wellness.



Hi everyone, thank you for landing in this exciting adventure of learning more about natural ways to support and help your body reach its highest performance. I am blessed to be the mum of 2 energetic, amazing girls. When my oldest was 4 months old, she developed a nasty skin reaction, which led her skin on her face to crack and bleed. I started to do a ton of research about what would cause it, how to treat it, etc. I was shocked to learn about the chemicals that are hidden in our home every SINGLE DAY, no matter how much you shop organic in the kitchen. It is not just good food or bad food anymore. My journey of using pure essential oils of only therapeutic grade A, started a couple of years ago and I definitely would not and could not live without them. We, ladies, are exposed to at least 80 different types of chemicals by noon, and this is not counting processed foods. Toothpaste, shampoo, creams, make up, deodorant, perfumes, you name it. Chemicals reach our blood stream giving our liver a really hard time to process and clean it all.  This messes up our natural ability to heal and prevents performing to our highest potential. This journey can be overwhelming at first, but it's fun, engaging, and it will give you the tools you need to take control of your and your family's health & well being. At London Essential Oils, we are here to guide you and to share with you how to start using pure, grade A therapeutic oils in your daily lives and to support you in living your life the way it was designed to be. I am happy to help and answer your questions, so please DO get in touch.